Let us help you take the first steps

When you first make your decision to take your first steps on the journey to OET, you need a starting point to guide you through the preparation and the test.

We at OET Medical Online are here to provide that guidance to ensure you reach your maximum potential and begin your journey in the medical profession in an English speaking country.

The main thing to stress is.  This is NOT a test of your medical knowledge. IT IS a test of your English. There will be medical vocabulary needed throughout the test, but focus is on your use of the language.

  • The first steps you need to take is to assess your English level. This can be difficult to do. As a non-native speaker of English, only others (usually native speakers) can assess your level.


  • We have provided a series of assessment tests for you to do to give yourself a starting basis from which to move forward. Without this the course/classes you take cannot be pitched at the correct level for you, and you could find yourself studying material which is either: too easy, or too difficult for you.


  • Once you have completed the tests, both yourself and us have a starting point to plan your study. We will then select the appropriate material for your level and provide you with a schedule.