Trevor Gordon

Trevor Gordon
Principal Teachers
Nationality:British (English)
Residence:Dumaguete, The Philippines
Area of expertise:Grammar, IELTS, OET, Cambridge FCE, CAE
Former IT engineer with multi-national companies, dealt with networks and security.
Years of experience:10
Skype ID:nevismanuk
Position:Teacher, administrator

Hello students,


My name is Trevor Gordon. I am from Northampton in England, and I now reside in Dumaguete, in The Philippines. I have been a teacher for 11 years, and was formerly a classroom teacher for mostly Asian students before turning my attention to exam preparation tutoring.

I was formerly an IT engineer for more than 20 years and worked for multi-national companies such as Shell Oil, Cable & Wireless, AT&T,  and JP MorganChase. I also maintain the site you use, as I still like to be involved in IT.

In my free time I like scuba-diving and keeping fit. I also like tennis, computers, web-design, playing the guitar, and big motorbikes.

I am also Cambridge FCE, and CAE certified, as well as IELTS certified.

Having been fortunate enough to born a native English speaker I realise how difficult the language can be for learners which is why the learning methods provided to students have to be such that they can absorb the language and the techniques, and not be overwhelmed. I believe that I can bring out the best in students and I have many satisfied students who are a testament to my skills.

Having family who have been, and are in the medical profession, has given me some insight into the importance of the work, and the dedication of the people who do it.



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