OET letter writing

Welcome    to your  OET Writing

Please choose one of the 2 tasks and follow the instructions.

You will have 20 minutes to complete the task which will include 5 minutes reading and planning.


The section to write in is at the bottom of the page.

Please stop writing at the end of the time.


Choose the letter for your profession.

Please choose 1 or 2.     
is for Doctors.     
2 is for Nurses.   

(Click on the yellow boxes at the bottom of the page for your letter).

An example of what you should write....

Dear …  (the title/name of the recipient of the letter).

This is to introduce  (name of patient), a 25 year old female who is suffering from ..........   Your further analysis of the patient is required.

The patient arrived at the emergency department on (date) complaining of ...................... and was examined . It was determined that she has ........ and will need further testing and treatment. (65 words including salutation). 

Please write your answer here. Please write at least 80 words or up to 100 (guide only).

Dear Sir/Madam (formal) Dear.......(friend/informal)
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