OET Listening

Welcome to your OET Listening In this assessment you will listen to several short dialogues and one consultation to give you a feel for what to expect in the exam.


25. You hear a nurse briefing her colleague about a patient.

What does she warn her colleague about?

26. You hear the manager of a care home for the elderly talking to the nursing staff.

He says that errors in dispensing medication to patients usually result from:

27. You hear part of a morning briefing on a hospital ward.

What is the plan for the patient today?

28.You hear a discussion between a doctor and nurse about hyperelastic skin.

The skin becomes stretchable beyond the normal level, when;

(You have 15 seconds to study the question before the audio begins).

29.You hear a discussion between a doctor and nurse about cancer of unknown primary.

Which of the following type of cancer of unknown primary forms from gland cells?

(You have 15 seconds to read the question before the audio begins)

You hear a physiotherapist talking to a patient called Ray Sands. For questions 1-5 complete the notes with a short word of phrase.