OET speaking

Welcome to your OET speaking

For this assessment we ask you to record your voice and e-mail it to us. Instructions are provided.


For this test we will ask you to provide us with and audio file.

We have provided you with a sample to listen to before you do yours.

The feedback for this is not immediate unlike the other tests. This is because we have to listen to the extract and evaluate it ourselves. As soon as it is evaluated we will return our assessment score to you.

Please record an audio file of one of the following, and speak for around 2 minutes if possible.

Please choose:

1. For nurses use the following information.

Children's hospital.

A 3-year old child has been brought to the hospital suffering from chest tightness, wheezing, and dysponea. You suspect the child has asthma. The parent is anxious and becomes agitated whilst waiting to see a doctor. You are the nurse taking the child's vital signs.

Begin by explaining to the parent that the emergency department has been busy and as soon as a doctor becomes available he/she will see the child.

Ask the parent to explain the child's condition.
Explain to the parent what the doctor will do (examine and diagnose).
Reassure the parent that everything possible is being done.

Prepare some notes and only say the things you need to say. This test is to check your English, not your medical knowledge.

2. For doctors or other professionals:

General Practice. A 45-year old patient is attending the practice after suffering a mild heart attack two weeks ago. Recovery was good, and the patient was discharged from hospital 4 days ago. He is concerned about the long term aspects of recovery.

Find out what is worrying the patient, and reassure him that it is nothing to worry about.
Advise him to join a cardiac rehabilitation program at a nearby hospital.
Explain the importance of losing weight and lowering his cholesterol levels.
Recommend some things he can do to help prevent future attacks.

Speak as clearly as you can, and do not stop if you make a mistake, just correct it (if you can) and continue. The time of 2 minutes is just a guideline for us, so we get enough from you for us to evaluate.

You can record your answer, download and send it to us. Please send it to evaluation@oetmedical.co.uk. Please include your name, e-mail address, and the number of the task (1, 2) you chose.
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If, for some technical reason the above recorder is not working please use 'vocaroo' which is a web-based recorder. Instructions are provided.

Click on the link and open the application.   You can also use the alternative recorder at the bottom of the page.

Record your speaking.

Follow the instructions.

When you have finished speaking, you can e-mail the link to use.

The E-mail box will open the e-mail box (below). Follow the instructions.

Please indicate your topic (1 or 2) and also write your name and e-mail, so we can add this to the writing, reading and listening assessments.

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Thank you.