Speaking assessment test

Welcome to your Speaking assessment test for IELTS test preparation.

Read the instructions below.

Choose one of the following 3 topics.

Here is a sample of what you should provide us.

For this assessment you have 3 choices. 

1. Talk about your daily routine, and talk about what you typically do at weekends.

2. Talk about a place you have visited, a place you would like to visit, or your favourite place to visit. (this should be another city or country).

3. Talk about a hobby or interest you have.
(watching movies and reading books is not a hobby unless you can talk about the movies and the books in detail).

Follow the instructions below.

You should try to speak for at least 1.5 minutes. It is ok, if you speak for less. This is only an assessment.
You can record your answer, download and send it to us. Please send it to evaluation@oetmedical.co.uk. Please include your name, e-mail address, and the number of the task (1, 2) you chose.
   Please click the 'SUBMIT' button to inform us that you have taken the test. We will wait for your e-mail.
If, for some technical reason the above recorder is not working please use 'vocaroo' which is a web-based recorder. Instructions are provided.

Click on the link and open the application.   You can also use the alternative recorder at the bottom of the page.

Record your speaking.

Follow the instructions.

When you have finished speaking, you can e-mail the link to use.

The E-mail box will open the e-mail box (below). Follow the instructions.

Please indicate your topic (1 or 2) and also write your name and e-mail, so we can add this to the writing, reading and listening assessments.

Please click the 'SUBMIT' button to inform us that you have taken the assessment. We will wait for your e-mail..

Thank you.